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George Parros, Head of Player Safety

George Parros chases the puck

George Parros chases the puck. AP Photo/Gary Wiepert

George Parros is back in the NHL. Not as a player, but the former fighter with a legendary moustache is heading the NHL’s Department of Player Safety starting in 2017-18.

Parros, who was drafted by the L.A. Kings in the eighth round of the 1999 NHL draft, played nine seasons in the NHL. He played in 474 games with the Kings, Ducks, Avalanche, Panthers, and Canadiens, and racked up 1,092 career penalty minutes and participated in more than 150 scraps. His best years were with the Ducks, where he was one of the most respected fighters in the league.

This seems like an odd match, giving a player safety role to a guy who fought for a living, but Parros is Ivy League educated, having played college hockey at Princeton. There’s an empty seat at the DoPS as Chris Pronger, another guy who was an interesting fit for the role, has joined the Florida Panthers organization.

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September 13, 2017

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