ABOVE THE NORTH – Caledon Hockley (Official Video)

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Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Robin Mariat @ North Trail Recordings
Music Video by Aurélien Mariat

As a matter of facts, it’s just words that I let go / Switch off the TV, cut down the radio / Be a part of every stages, create your own very one / In this mess, of space and time / Man is a thing to rethink, each, and every day / Hate is a failure, anyway / No matter the suffering and the burdens, I will not die in vain / Find something to rest yourself, free from pain / There is a power that pervades everything / Surrounding us / I feel it, though I do not see it / Worry for idols and play the victim / You gave it all away for icons and bullshit / Tears gratify the ears of the rotten and powerful / And when they smile, it’s time wasted / What is truly real, it’s you, your hopes and your fears / The universe is big, it’s vast, complicated / I, someone from out there, I’m asking to all of you, does life is to fight for things that we don’t have a reason to?


October 11, 2015

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